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Default Re: Vin Diesel interested in Doctor Doom?

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
Thanos' face looks amazing as a make-up - not sure what you were looking at.

Hellboy proves that make-up does work for these characters, and the Thing could have looked better if Fox had let them do a bigger brow, smaller nose, and maybe a little digital tweaks on the mouth, etc.
Well I just disagree. Thing looked terrible plain and simple. One of the main reasons I couldn't get into Helboy was his look. Just looked like a cheap costume. And they could make Thanos look way better than he did at the end of the Avengers. Esspicially if they do something like Hulk/Avatar. I wouldnt mind make up with Mocap but just make up like hellboy/thing will not work imo.

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