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Default Re: Do you think this movie is going to be too big?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
With about 20 characters, two periods, and 7 countries involved, do you believe the film is going to be too big or do you think it's setting up to be an epic?
Im not sure what do you mean with "too big"... I guess do you mean too much stuff going on for Singer to make it all work.

If thats the case, Im sure he will deliver.

But since some months ago Ive been having the feeling that this movie wont look as Big and epic as it could be, having all those powerfull mutants fighting the sentinels.

After all these years, Ive seen other directors and studios doing really big and impressive things in terms of action, sets and all of that, and taking into account the old school style of Bryan Singer, as he has said himself, Im having my doubts.

And to add an example, I doubt Singer does something as epic as Superman fights and flying scenes on Man of Steel with Storm and Rogue.

I doubt he puts too much effort and attention on their action momments, in terms of complex shoots and big scale action.

If he and his crew end surprising me in a big way, I will be soo happy with it, but until the trailers show me the visual scale of the movie, I guess Ill keep having my doubts.

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