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Default Re: It's the Pokemon thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by BlackMagicWolf View Post
I agree with some points (such as the reboot of Ash he does act like a novice sometimes) but the show still holds up. The battles have never been better and just recently they incorporated N and Team Plasma into the show. They're doing a mix between Black and White 1 & 2 in regards to them trying to control Reshiram but they have Corless from 2 in it. And they added a new wrinkle to the N storyline by him already realizing Plasma is evil. And they are doing a Plasma vs. Rocket storyline and today was one of the big payoffs in that.

Is it silly sometimes? Yes. But it's still Pokémon and it still rocks. And though I don't think Ash will ever win one of the "big leagues" i'll still root for him every time.
Considering on how it all ends (i've seen what happens based on following the Japanese episodes), it doesn't really payoff in the end.

And this just in folks, Ash will, yet again, be the protagonist for the next region series.....without having grown one bit. I can't remember the last time when a character stayed this young for this long.

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