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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

here's my own review on Iron Man 3- Cheers!

* I saw Iron Man 3 – and came away very impressed. So much so that I have to easily rate IM3 a much more better film than both the previous Iron Man films, and that’s saying a lot with the first film featuring the origin of Iron Man and introducing the delightful presence of Tony Stark – who of course continues to be wonderfully done by Robert Downey Jr.

Normally in trilogies and on ,you see series lose a lot of steam and start to become disinteresting and flat, and it seems like a greedy way of studios gaining profit from the series early success – but such is not the case for Iron Man 3 - this is a 3rd film which has succeeded the previous and i was delighted that it provided a much more faster pace, more interesting plot and surprise villain element than what wasn’t expected at all. I have to admit that there were scenes in first IM that I thought were just ordinary,

In the 2nd IM, there were actual periods that were so slow and dragged me into restlessness but I didn’t get any of that sense in Iron Man 3. It was so well put together, it has a good pace, consistent and a good flow in both script writing, plot, dialogue, character development, action sequences and visual special effects
I really enjoyed it from top beginning to end and considered it unique in it’s own way.

What continues to make Iron Man films unique is it’s more than armor creativity, visual graphic cyber technology CGI special effects, more than any superhero, even more than Christian Bale’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight series is the character of Robert Downey Jr.s Tony Stark role. The dialogue, the zany outlandish sense of humor, playboy charming, annoying arrogance and overall unpredictability of Stark plays a huge impact.

He’s so natural and effortless in this role, and in my theater the audience continue to get a big laughing kick of his Tony Stark dialogue. Sometimes I couldn’t even catch the other lines because they were snickering so hard and loud. You couldn’t get a clue on when he was going to be chalk serious or jokingly humorous. But I got the biggest impression when he not only dealt with a swarming, overwhelming personal attack ( which was one of the three awesome action/special effects sequences in the entire film) but how he overcame being without his greatest weapon.

Another big treat was the action scenes involving Starks top assistant Pepper Potts (portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow) I thought she would resume only her role as Stark’s top Assistant and part time girlfriend in helping Stark’s struggling with his endangering lifestyle as IM. But she is forceably forced into the action, which she coincidentally she is involved in 2 of the 3 most amazing action scenes. Speaking of those three really big, terrific action scenes, one I admit to being quite in awe and astounded in how Iron Man strategically pull this impossible stunt through.

And keep close eye on Jarvis’ – Stark’s Artificial Intelligence System that allows him to perform an amazing amount of feats with the Iron Man Armor suit(s)
I thought it was ironic bad timing with Iron Man 3 presenting terroristic bombings by the same time we in the USA had recent experience with the Boston terror bombing crisis.

One peeve I continue to have regrets on the franchise deciding to replace Terrence Howard as Colonel. James Rhodes – after the 1st film, …and I still have that regret. Don Cheadle returns as Rhodes/War Machine and renamed as Iron Patriot in IM3, But he was less involved in this one and less appealing and less interesting and I simply haven’t gotten into him. He’s just a JAG (Just Another Guy) I don’t know if it’s physical build, height, looks, demeanor or charisma but Cheadle hasn’t come close to taking notice of him as I did Howard in the James Rhode role. And shame on me but I can’t help dwelling on that every time I see Cheadle as Rhode

. I also liked that Tony Stark encountered and teamed up with an unexpected ally, even while still struggling with a dangerous physical illness brought on by the Avengers crisis. We saw how that illness threatened not only himself but those close to him.

Another one was the surprise element of the villainous Mandarin who was portrayed earlier as a ruthless Bin Laden type wild man. In the Marvel Comic I grew up reading, i remember him as being a very cunning top notch martial artist with a host of ten extraordinary powerful rings (lasers, neuro-pitch sounds, deep zero freeze, illusions, darkness/blinding light, etc,) I admit to liking something different and unpredictable twists but this one took me totally by surprise, I thought it was a trap. For one the Mandarin in the comics was oriental descent while the film seemed to portray him as Mid-Eastern.

I thought it was ironic timing with IM3 film presenting terrorist acts from a villain when we are realistically experiencing terrorism in our very homeland in the recent Boston bombings.

As much as I really enjoyed IM3 the talk of saying Iron Man 3 being better than the Avengers should be considered an over-exaggeration,, it doesn't suffice the combined characteristics of every Avenger.
I had very high expectations for Iron Man 3 …and not only did it not disappoint me, but it easily exceeded my expectations and provided me with one of the
very best films of the year thus far – and easily one of very best Marvel Superhero movies- Two thumbs ..way up for Iron Man 3...!!

On a scale of 1-to 10, I give Iron Man 3 an 8.5

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