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Default Re: Do you think this movie is going to be too big?

I don't want anything In this film that resembles Man of steel.

I have tried to stress this to others but It needs to be said again.People are wanting rogue to morph Into the 1990's animated version of Rogue.Rogue In this film has to be an evolution of the rogue of X-Men and X2.Wolverine and the X-Men proved you can make Rogue active without having to have her absorb the MS Marvel powers.

Halle Berry Is Pregnent.Anything action with storm Is mostly going to be her stunt double and CGI.

If action were all that Is required to make a good film then Last Stand would be called the best of X-Men films.

I have little doudt there will be good action In this film.The main concern should be story and characters.That Is what will make or break film.

Instead of trying to copy man of steel I want them to use the CGI budget to bring the sentinles to life.That's more important than trying to copy man of steel's superman effects with Storm and Rogue.

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