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Default Re: Do you think this movie is going to be too big?

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
If that's the standard we're setting for action sequences then no thanks. That fight between the two characters looked like a video game sequence, and considering the amount of embarrassingly bad and in-your-face product placement in that film I would've figured they could've at least made the cg more convincing.
I wasn't too fond of Man of steel.I have seen a lot of Superman adaptians over the years in film,TV,and animation and It defently Isn't one of my favorates.

I don't want them to try to copy Man of steel.

Besides they should be using the CGI more to create the future and to bring the sentinles to life convincly.

I am sure there will be some wow moments.But,they don't need to copy Man of steel to do It.

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