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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Mulholland-Jr View Post
Last week everyone was complaining about Jean Grey being the center of everything, this week it's Mystique? And I think all the movies (not including Origins) have had a prominent female role.

X1- Rogue
X2- Jean
X3- Storm
FC- Mystique

The only one I would care to see developed more is Kitty. They couldn't have picked a better person to portray her then Ellen Page, and it's sad because we didn't get to see her charm and wit put to good use yet. It's a shame Ratner couldn't see the gem he really had. All Singer needs to do is make her charismatic, unique, and likeable. Her character doesn't even need to be explored really. She could just act like Juno and spout out smart ass remarks and I'd be totally fine with it.
Even though Halle Berry had the female lead role in X3, I think Jean Grey was the most prominent female character in the movie.

And my problem with Shadowcat is her inclusion in X3 was so random. With Colossus, it was expected that he would join the team in the next film because of the good reaction from his appearance in X2. But Shadowcat? She had 2 very short cameos in X1/X2, then in X3, she's suddenly one of the X-Men and she just suddenly had a thing with Bobby. So for that, I'm not really excited about seeing Shadowcat in the future X-Men films.

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