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Default Re: Which characters from X3 and Origins would you want to remove

To make it more interesting if I had to remove just ONE character from each movie....

X3 - Jean

Origins - Gambit

They may seem like odd choices, but they would have changed the movies entirely. having x3 focus JUST on the cure would have been benefitial, and may have led to an x4 with the Phoenix. X3 would have been an entirely different film! Cyclops could have had more development and jean still could have had a presence but only in his mind etc.

Gambit because I would have proffered him in another more contemporary movie, with a more badass role. perhaps paired with rogue. I feel like gambit was a cheap cash in and ploy, because so many people wanted him.

I enjoyed most of the characters in origins anyway, I just feel gambit got the shaft.

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