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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Mulholland-Jr View Post
Are you sure that's not because you were already a fan on her character from the comics beforehand?
Haha, no Its embarrasing but i did the whole thing backwards, started with movies then to cartoons then to comics. I was 13 when Last Stand came out had no clue who this girl was, like psylockolossus said it just felt randomly to have her in the team out of nowhere, but I actually liked her. Then when i started reading the comics and learned more about her and the whole kitty/colossus love and to realize that the movies were way off from the comics, haha. But yes her powers are awesome, hopefully she will be awesome in this movie, like Colossus throwing kitty directly to the sentinels and she can phase through and mess up with the cables and make the sentinels explode from the inside

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