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Default Re: About MJ and the men...

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I'm saying "living large" from her point of view.The interesting thing is that she's not a totally sympathetic character.My only point is that there's two sides to every story/relationship.MJ is a fairly "damaged" woman.While I don't think that should excuse her,it helps to at least try to see things from her POV.But most people (men,in particular) don't want to put that much effort into examining her character, and would rather jump on the "MJ is a shrew!!!!!" bandwagon.

Edit:It's pretty amusing to note how a lot of fans can look into villain motivations and justify them,but won't give MJ the same benefit.

I don't disagree,but that's more a plot contrivance then anything.
The thing for me is this- I WOULD LOVE more complex characterization for EVERYONE in these CBMs. The thing that ticks me off about all of them is that the characters are far too simplistic. Their problems are cartoon/soap opera problems, not real ones. I have yet to see a relationship that I believed in any CBM. They're all: "This guy has to have a love interest, so...."

But in MJ's case, she never gets that she's doing anything wrong and Sam never worked to make her get it. Damn right she's damaged, and with serious father issues. But does she do anything about it? No- she just gripes at Peter.
She isn't fleshed out well. She was simply supposed to be the complication in Peter's life. Peter's life as Spider-Man is gauged based on how it affects his relationship with MJ. (The story is after all, "all about a girl" )
In Spidey 2 Peter can't be at MJ's performances. In Spidey 3 Peter is too self-absorbed to be sensitive to MJ's pain. When does PETER get some understanding? When does someone look at how hard his life is and his self-sacrifice and how that might actually drive him a little crazy? You said above that we'll understand a villain better than MJ. But the same goes for Peter. He's a jerk because he doesn't listen to MJ whine about bad reviews. Did she ever ask him about the dangers he faces?

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