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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
That's fine. But Batman is white, Superman is white, Joker is white (heh), Luthor is white, etc....if I'm making a movie about something I want to stay as close to whatever it is I'm making as possible and not "reinvent" the wheel with it. Why even bother making it then if you're going to change **** like that that doesn't need to be changed in the first place? It's not like it is a hard thing to do...just cast a white guy because the character is white.

I had a similar take to yours for a long time. But superheroes and their fictional worlds, I think, come from the same place in the human psyche that caused the creation of the older pagan/pantheistic "myth's" of the ancient world. Yet those myths were also subject to change over time. I think that, yes you can change these characters to the point where they are not even close to embodying the essential nature the majority of fans would recognize (That Spider-Man drives a mecha show from Japan springs to mind). But change and adaptation is a hallmark of these "mythic" characters. And as this country's demographics inevitably shift we will see more changes in the racial presentations of these beloved icons. I will admit to being a little uneasy with some of the recreations that have occurred, and I probably will be challenged to accept a lot of the coming changes on a case by case basis. But I am now much more open to these types of things. You are not wrong to hold onto wanting to see these characters as you have seen them done in the past. But change is one of the great "givens" of life. Maybe rolling with it and having some fun at the same time is a more psychically healthy thing for us all to do. Just my two cents. NAMASTE

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