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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Asr View Post
I'm actually totally serious with my Denzel suggestion.

Hey I'd like a white Lex too, it's not that I'm for changing the race of the character. My favorite versions so far have been Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville and Clancy Brown in the DCAU. If there was a white actor who could play the part to a tee then I'd absolutely want him. But IMO there are very few white A-list or even good B-list actors that can truly play the part. He might be black, but in terms of acting ability, I think Denzel would nail it hook line & sinker! He can be incredibly suave & charismatic, or a total bad-ass, or manipulative/menacing, sometimes all in the same movie (like American Gangster which I mentioned before). Not to mention that Denzel is also an A-list star who'd bring a ton of credibility to the role. Just because he doesn't fit the typical look of Lex doesn't mean that he couldn't play him, because Denzel has way more than enough talent to spit & chew the character!

Unless someone else has an equally great suggestion for a white actor, I'm going to keep pushing for Denzel!

As long as they paint him white, then that's fine with me.

Lex is a little bigger than Perry White or even the Kingpin. There aren't many things required to get him right in terms of looks: bald, and white (obviously). I don't care how great an actor Jamie Foxx or Will Smith is, I don't ever want to see either as Superman, even if they could nail the personality to a "t". If Verne Troyer could nail the act, I wouldn't want to see him as Superman either.

I'd rather see Don Knotts play him.

Same goes for Luthor.

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