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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

I don't see any problem with casting an actor of a race different to that usually attributed to any character, so long as that character doesn't have traits that would make the change problematic. Clark Kent doesn't work because he represents that archetypal, Middle-American, blue collar, white farm-boy thing. Bruce Wayne is the last son of a founding family of Gotham; he is a kind of aristocrat with an ancient European heritage. You have to have an actor that fits, unless you want to change the character itself. Lex Luthor is a highly intelligent, charismatic and ruthless megalomaniac. He is culturally neutral, and I fail to see why a non-white actor couldn't play the part.

On your second point, I don't think we can live in a post-racist world until we are able to show that people of all colours can be good or evil. It didn't raise any comment in Daredevil, anyway.

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