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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
I think that the time traveller (or the time-displaced person heh) will be either Wolverine or Professor X, depending on how they tackle it. If it's some kind of mind displacement I still think it will be Professor X, simply because his powers are just more naturally suited for that sort of thing. And because the story according to Singer is about how things you've done/haven't done as a young man in the past affect the future and what if you could go back and change it, which again to me feels like a more natural fit for Professor X. I know that he can manipulate other people's minds as well, but mindswitch for a character like Wolverine still feels strange to me somehow. But you never know of course.
There has to be a need, or a fit for Wolverine in the 70's. What's the point of recruiting Wolverine if Xavier's mind is getting swapped? What if Xavier's brain goes into Wolverines, as lame as that would be?

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
I'm gonna keep to the possible idea that as wolverine changes the past we see how it effects the future each time, maybe there will be 3 different futures seen, one after TLS! One alternative with jean and Scott alive and the last one

The only problem with doing that is that it will mean alot of the OT is changed

Who knows where singer is going with this
This will require non-linear story telling like we've gotten with other time travel films. Where you see changes unfolding in the future based directly on what the time traveler changes in the past. And it simply doesn't fit some of the things we've heard all along, notably that the future will probably be one-offed after the first 30 minutes, rather than spread intermittently throughout the film. So I don't see that remotely fitting with what they have going on here.

If I had to bet money, I'm gonna say they either make the events of the OT impossible to come to fruition and clean the slate entirely (most likely), or nothing changes at all, and they simply have to deal with the future as it is, and come up with explanations for Scott/Jean returning if that's the case. Possible, but unlikely.

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