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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
I really hope it's Xavier who sends his mind back to his young self via Cerebro. Then he recruits Wolverine. That would be much better IMO. This would be before Weapon X anyway so he wouldn't remember and X1 could still happen in a fixed timeline or something. Because if it really IS Wolverine who gets a mind swap then god help us all. We will never get another X-film where Wolverine is not the main character aside from FC. It can't be him who travels unless it's a group of people like Bishop and Kitty.
If the OT is in fact the corrected timeline, then it is simply inconsistent with "fixing things" as Singer said. Why say you are fixing things if you aren't actually fixing things? And should that still be the case, the "time loop" will have to be closed, and everything would have to revert to as it was, leaving Logan's fate in the OT unaltered along with everything else. The only way you can correct this crap is to make Logan the focal point and have him change everything. Maybe in his efforts to stop the Sentinels, it brings about other positive changes like previously deceased X-Men survivng in the future. If that's Singers play, then I won't fault him for making Jackman the focal point again.

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