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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
The race debate reverberates in every casting thread. There are some characters that would be altered too much if their race was changed, because there is an important cultural background to them (i.e. James Bond, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent). Others are less specific, and I don't think actors of different racial background should be excluded if they have qualities that make them otherwise highly suited to the role. I think Lex Luthor is just such a character; so is Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Edward Nigma and Selina Kyle (assuming the concept of her Falcone blood is not used).

This is a particular factor for DC, because most of its principle characters were created in the 1930s-40s, when non-whites just weren't represented at all. The comics are clearly trying to redress this, since almost every new hero seems to be non-American, or non-white, or non-male, or non-heterosexual. The problem with that from a movie perspective is that all of those characters are (currently) almost unknown outside the comics. Who is really going to make a Vibe or a BatWing movie?

Denzel would be great as Lex. He isn't the only choice, but I don't think the fact he has black skin should rule him out.
I really think if they wanted to make Luthor black in the 40s they'd have made him black. He's well known, established and liked the way he is. If it's a character that's been around for a while but never really caught on then it's okay to tinker with stuff like that, but not for major players like Luthor, or Dick Grayson or even the Riddler. I don't agree with any of what you just said. When they have changed the races of major characters (Catwoman for instance) like you suggested, they've usually sucked and regardless are not remembered as the "iconic" (i.e "best) interpretation of that character.

Julie Newmar will always be preferred to Eartha Kitt, Michele Pfeiffer to Halle Berry, because they are closer to and better represent the true versions of their characters.

When Mila Kunis plays Storm, give me a call, and I will ***** about that.

How they look is 50% of being the character. It's simple. Lex Luthor isn't black. Clark Kent isn't a blonde. You can cast a blonde as Superman, but you damn sure better dye his hair black if you do. (they even gave Routh blue contacts to wear...although I'd have been fine with a brown eyed Superman since that's not THAT big a deal to ME, but it just shows how important that is to people)

The fact that Denzel has black skin should rule him out because his character does not. And vice versa.

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
not about race i just feel on a personal level when your are at such an iconic level as lex you shouldn't be changed for the sake of change just be faithful to his comic book imagery
It's unnecessary. This shouldn't even be a discussion. Has nothing to do with "racism". Luthor isn't black. Simple.

Besides, Denzel has aged...poorly. I don't think some of you guys even know what you're asking.

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