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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

I don't really agree with that Kevin Smith. They're not the lead characters. I don't think race matters with supporting characters within a story. Film is just another interpretation. For example I have no problem with Idris Elba taking over as James Bond as thousands have written petitions for such a thing.

Race doesn't matter. What matters is the essence of the "character". Is he a MULTI billionaire powerful man, is he this, is he that? does he behave in this manner. Im not a purist, I see Denzel playing Lex magnificently. But no he's not anywhere near my top choice for the role. I can name a half a dozen that are better suited, and white, like the character is known to be. But making him black means nothing to me if it's a great actor who can embody all the human qualities and powerful elements that Lex needs.

I really don't see how anything else matters.

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