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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

The point Is if the OT Is ilrelvent why bring back so many of OT cast yet bring back so few of first Class cast.

Based on rumors you could have 10 from OT cast,and yes apart from wolverine the OT cast Is limited,while you only have 4 back from First Class,and If they do as some here have advocated are erase all films except first Class and 1973 part of DOFP the films are stuck In the past.

But again why would fox reboot now and not after last stand or origins?
Studios don't give a rat's ass on giving closure to film series.
Mark Millar called the Wolverine the Iron Man of Fox's shared universe of X-Men and FF films.That film as new featurette makes clear takes place after Last Stand.Kinda hard for them to do that If DOFP erases the Wolverine from exsistance.

My theory always has been when Singer mentioned correcting some things he Is mentioning some of things that went down with the Last stand.Report of famke Janssen stunt double throws a monkey wrench Into assuminations.

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