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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by culver3vlr22 View Post
What's the difference?
A black James Bond would be okay to me because none of the James Bond films continue off of each other. They're each like in their own little universe or "earth" if you will. That's the way I've always seen them. Craig's Bond isn't in the same "universe" as Brosnan's, etc. If they were doing a sequel to Craig's Bond picking up his Bond's storyarc, and they cast a black guy as him that would not be okay. Long as he is british. Wouldn't be my "ideal" choice, but I'd be okay with it.

The comics on the other hand are one singular thing and what the films are trying to adapt. Lex needs to be white because that is who his character is and the Superman films, although not all continuations of each other, are not setup like the Bond films are therefore it does not work that way. Bond since his inception was like that; Bond on film makes its own mythology. The movies are always based off of whatever is in the comics and very rarely does something on film become how something is in the comics. The comics have for the most part ALWAYS been superior to what's been put on film and influenced the films, not the other way around.

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