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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Days of future past comes out In 2014 and using the daredevil/FF model It
would be at least 2021 till rights would revert to Marvel If fox did nothing.

What makes anyone think for 1 second If DOFP Is a sucess they won't be jumping on a followup especilly since LSH donner back In 2011 made mention of X4/X5.

Your kinda assuming the wolverine and DOFP to fail.

Studios don't care about closing book on series.That has been proven time and time again since the reboot craze hit hollywood.

Spending anytime correcting things makes little sense If they aren't using that to continue the series.
Seeing as DOFP was part written by Vaughn and singer its safe to assume its a new script, now an X4 would be a new script also and not the one from 2011 because they probably didnt count DOFP ever being made in that script so I doubt they would have suddenly had cyclops and jean back in the 2011 script

I think its safe to say them scripts either wont be used at all or it may end up like the magneto script, bits and pieces taken out and used in a new script

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