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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - - - - Part 13

I've said this a million times: "grounded" and "reality" don't mean you completely exclude the fantastic, it just means that you provide somewhat plausible explanations, at least as far as movies about superheros go. It's more about not treating the audience like they're stupid. MOS and Nolan's Batman movies tried to do that.

I also think these concepts refer to how the "regular people" in these movies react. That is, the average man on the street doesn't see Superman or Gruny or whoever and take him for granted. Instead he is in awe. The military and the government take notice and try to control it, etc. That's what I hear when moviemakers use word like that. It's less, "we can only use realistic characters" but more, "this is how this character would fit into the real world."

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