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Default Re: Who should direct Iron man 4?

I want Shane Black to come back, even without Downey. I know some fans are upset about the Mandarin, but Black is a blossoming director who gets the character of Stark and his relationships with Pepper and Rhodey. Downey gave his best performance as Stark in IM3, and I'm sure Black had a great hand in that. IM3 was a solid film and much better than IM2, and while not as good as the first, probably had the smartest script in the trilogy. I don't want Faveau back at all; he would regress the franchise. All of his films have been average to decent, leading me to believe that IM1 was a flash in the pan for him.

Shane Black is a much better filmmaker than Favreau IMO. With Black back you get a great writing and directing talent. If he doesn't get asked back I think guy Ritchie would be a great fit.

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