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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Eddie Dean View Post
Wolverine isn't 6' 2".
The X-Men movies are a travesty compared to what Marvel is doing now. That's my only complaint with Jackman.

Harry Osbourne isn't a handsome, confident, James Franco type.
Miscast but it's a supporting character so I again refer to the Perry White rule of "who cares".

Uncle Ben wasn't killed because Peter Parker refused to pay for Chocolate milk.
Hated that, completely unnecessary and stupid change, was perfect how they did it in the Rami movie.

Phil Coulson does not exist.
There's countless "faceless" SHIELD agents, it's reasonable to believe either a Phil Coulson or Phil Coulson type most likely exists in the Marvel U. They just gave a SHIELD agent a name in the movie. Oh, and then they killed him. Fine by me and less sacrilege than killing Fury.

It's called an adaptation for a reason.
Most of those were all wrong and held the characters back from blossoming like their comics counterparts. 90% of the time what is done on screen creatively is not superior to what's been done in the comics and therefore should be left alone, in my opinion, because I do believe they should go with the best choices "creatively"'s just 90% of the **** done in the films is less interesting and creative and does not work as well for the characters they are trying to adapt.

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