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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
I never thought animated Luthor was black. If anything, MAYBE like hispanic or something, I could see someone thinking that, but I don't see how someone would think he is black at all (especially when there are other black characters on the show). I think they maybe need to adjust the color on their tv sets.

And I thought Kevin Spacey was great and completely misused in Superman Returns. He could have been the Post Crisis/animated Lex we all wanted to see but instead they had him doing...darker Gene Hackman. Gene Hackman could have made a great Luthor too but they wanted him to play it campy and comical, his character in the Quick and the Dead is pretty much proof of how awesome he could have played Luthor if they wrote him that way.
Animated luthor had a deep voice and drawn lips. Only black characters have drawn lips in that animation style. Thats why I thought he was black.

This face doenst scream white

Really though Kevin Smith your starting to sound like the guys who hated Daniel Craig as Bond because he was blonde.

I do see your point a bit. For a iconic character like Luthor to be white in the comics to suddenly become black would feel a bit unsettling and distracting because its something new. If Dwayne Johnson was was a better actor I wouldnt mind him getting the role. Hes not white or black and would provide a nice middle ground

I just think alot of people, including myself, want to see more ethnic groups in super hero films. The problem is since comics were made so long ago 99% of the characters are white. John Stewart as Green Lantern is a nice start and I'd like to see more of that

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