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Default Re: Who should direct Iron man 4?

Eh, to each their own. Even setting aside the fact that I think Black is a colossal douche-bag for mocking longtime fans just for having a legit gripe about his ideas regarding this property, I think Black is a really repetitive director/writer. That **** gets old fast. I'm not in love with his dialog either. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. The humor in IM3 was the least effective in the franchise. I can't remember a single funny/clever line. I can quote the first two films and Avengers all day. It's yet another reason I rank IM3 at the bottom. Favreau on the other hand keeps it fresh with the use of the improv. With Black it's like knowing his bag of tricks ahead of time(Christmas, buddy buddy-isms, kidnappings, etc.) which kinda kills the freshness. Not to mention he doesn't have Favreau's comic book fan attention to detail regarding this mythology(Whedon by contrast, is very much alike with Favreau in this regard) and knowing what to emphasize and what not to. That's why in IM3 we get all of Tony's suits seemingly being made out of tinfoil. A comic geek would have caught that and addressed it as inconsistent with all 3 prior films. To Black though I doubt it was all that important. He had bigger fish to fry. He had a quasi-political message to shove in there. Favreau and Whedon as comic book fans understood that the powers and gadgets and stuff aren't just backround despensible stuff. They are very character specific attributes just as much as all the non-physical characteristics are.

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