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Default Re: Who should direct Iron man 4?

Yeah that sucks that the film didn't live up to your expectations, especially since I remember having a conversation with you about the Mandarin where you actually had an investment in the character (I can't stand non-IM readers who wiki The Mandarin and decide to hate the movie adaption). I liked it on my first viewings, and it keeps getting better and better upon subsequent viewings. It's a solid 7.5/10 for me, and I'm a picky grader- my highest MCU grades are Avengers at 8.5 and Iron Man/Thor at 8/10. I'm pretty sure your misinformed about Black not being a comics fan. I know he at least said he was a Marvelite and a fan of Shell-head when he was a child, but I don't know if he isn't anymore or if it was all lip service.

I think you'll get your wish of having Black exit the franchise. Hell, if I was him I'd bolt to if I had a small minority of VERY vocal Iron"nerds" bastardizing me on the internet. Even though you were upset with some of the story decisions he went with, I think Shane Black would be a great option to adapt a 'spy' thriller IM movie with Justin Hammer internally sabotaging Stark Industries with Masque, Taskmaster, or Ghost. That would be more of his forte anyways. The dude nailed the characterizations of Tony and Pepper, and Rhodey was an improvement in everyway from IM2.

Guy Ritchie seems destined to helm a MCU franchise. Marvel likes to go after he talented directors with a few, but not to many, hits to see what they can do when they play around with a big budget. I don't know if his style fits well with Cap or Thor but I think he would be a great fit for this franchise. He's my number one choice outside of Black.

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