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Default Re: The villain(s) of IM4 thread

I like Pierce in the right role. I have no animus against the guy. He was spot on casting in LA Confidential, for example. But he's not an actor with lots of range. A main villain of a superhero film needs that aspect to be memorable, a certain unique quality to them. He doesn't have it. He comes off as just bland. Kingsley, on the other hand absolutely exudes that quality and that's why it felt like a trade down when it turned out Pierce was the real main bad guy. A twist is only good for a first viewing, then the quality of the performance and writing needs to be strong to keep the watchability up. I like the twist in IM3 in an abstract sort of way but that's no help to me now. IMO, all the other villains in this series have had way more personality and character than Pierce's Killian has. They were memorable.

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