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Originally Posted by ThorOdinSon View Post
I'm digging the hat. AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ODIN'S BEARD LET US SEE HIM WITH HIS HELMET ON!! Make the helmet look like it's practical, and I'm sure they can pull it off(cap had that hood thing...eww)...Loki was rocking his horns, and that's much more bolder then wings. But marvel has an active agenda to make Thor less Godly, and more alien(boo!), and that's probably why they try to avoid the helmet at all cost, even in the comics theses days. I also hope we get to see lightning, LOTS OF LIGHTNING, and great feats of strength. I just want the movie to hurry and come out!
The sad thing is that he could still be depicted as being an uber powerful being and still be depicted as being more of an an alien than a traditional god. It's like Marvel is just afraid of his power level geting to high to the point they can't give him credible threats.

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