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Default Re: Captain America 2 Fan Art And Manips

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Manip's are technically fair-use. I remember how someone here posted pictures of how a movie theater had actually printed out posters of his manips to use as advertisements for their theater.

Although i'm sure it's courtesy to give credit.
I hate to butt in, especially given how I've never posted on this thread before, but I came across this because I just discovered the same guy used one of my Flash manips in his poster.

Now if this was something on his personal blog, or what have you, I wouldn't really care. But as someone else mentioned - he has the nerve to put a watermark over it, and not give credit. That's messed up.

I understand that manips are sort of a grey area, but when you've actually done hours and hours of digital rendering over your base to create something new, having someone else claim it really sucks.

It really turns off artist that are willing to put alot of time and quality into a fan piece if someone else is going to get the credit.

Im extremely hesitant on doing any other fan manips myself. I'll gladly keep busy on my paid gig at dark ink pictures and coming up with stuff I actually have complete ownership of.

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