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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Can You Dig It? playing over those clever end titles was perfectly brilliant, IMO. A lot of superhero movies end with forgettable, somewhat corny songs created for their soundtracks. Iron Man 3 had a stylized version of Tyler's theme as its ending, accompanied by stills of the characters. It was exciting, energetic and it worked for Tony Stark and his particular style.

BTW, I don't see Tony as a goof at all. He's brilliant, clever and dynamic, yet a very deep character with many layers of emotion. What seems to throw people is that Tony is quick-witted and sharply funny, as are the Iron Man films, and that is mistaken as a lack of depth and seriousness. At a basic level, the things that Tony has gone through in his four film career have been literally as serious as a heart attack, tremendously traumatic and hurtful to him. One doesn't develop severe PTSD and an anxiety disorder from funny experiences. Like many real people, however, Tony deals with the events in his life through humor; it's a coping mechanism for him. Behind all the witty one-liners he is still a deeply damaged man, albeit one who tells jokes and frantically builds armor as a defense against the threats he sees all around him.
i was saying it fit the film as is and that particular track and montage encapsulated the goofiness that stark has more than any of his other qualities. reminded me of a tarantino film in ways, and while i find it an interesting choice, it seemed too out there for an ironman film. it's like the crew are having too much fun doing their own thing that it doesn't really matter to them that it's an ironman film.

by goofiness i mean his immaturity. the reason he's needed pepper in his life and the element of him pepper is trying to change over the course of the 3 films. altho the film seems to hint that being ironman at all might be part of that immature goofing around.

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