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Default Re: The 'The Wolverine' Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I disagree big time on Man of steel.

and you have to be joking on Transformers.I grew up with genration one transformers and that Is one reason I call Michael Bay's take pure crap.Revenge of the fallen Is one of worst summer blockbusters I have ever seen.
No. It is called an opinion. Some people may disagree with the ratings for the list of CBMs on your signature, but it is your opinion so it would be disrespectful for someone to say "you have to be joking".

I haven't watched Revenge of the fallen but Transformers 1&3 in my opinion have more substance than they are given credit for. I am not saying they are amazing, but still I don't see them as just hollow action flicks.

In regards to your comment that the critics are right about MOS and Transformers (the first one). Which critics? The movies have scores over 50%. The critics can not be right because they are divided. If in a group of people, half like a product while the other half do not, how can you say "the group is right about the product"?

Anyway, sorry for carrying on the off-topic discussion. I hope this movie does well and that I like it because it looks really interesting.

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