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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Who mentioned the new 52?
I did. . . . .

Originally Posted by ironman29758 View Post
Honestly I would be fine if there was a show based on Grant Morrison Action Comics mixed with other Superman books(JMS Earth One, Secret Origins, Birthright, Smallville, etc).
That could work. I like all of those. Birthright is good except the aura viewing super power.

It's time for a new Superman TV show but I doubt it'll happen as long as the MOS franchise is on WB's priority list.

"There’s no need to "modernize" Superman in order for the character to be appealing to the new generation. Superman is not a brooding angst ridden conflicted hero. He is a beacon of hope and his mission is to fight for Truth, Justice and the American way. Superman doesn’t need to wear an armor suit. He’s THE Man of Steel. There’s no need to “modernize” the suit for it to be more “dark” and “edgy”. If today’s generation can’t accept the character’s roots and essence, then they’re not true fans."
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