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Default Re: The 'The Wolverine' Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
It's getting very old that X-Men Is expected to have to be 100 percent accurate to comics and so many just complain about them and call all of them crap yet all other films takes from comics or animation are given so much latitude and they praise those films.Spider-man,Man of steel,Dark Knight trilogy,and MS have plenty of changes too and they have reimaged characters too but they according to some are so great and so faithful while X-Men films are all terrable and all crap.
What are you talking about dude, everyone loves FC and X2. No one wants 100% accuracy. They want the characters done justice. Big difference. Ever think maybe alot of people just enjoyed Dark Knight more as a film then the X flicks? Nothing wrong with that. You like X-men and Singer while someone else prefers Spider-Man and Webb or Spider-Man and Raimi.

MOS, Transformers and IM3 get alot of crap. ALOT. I don't know how you are acting like people are ignoring this. Its not just X-Men. And if X3 and XMOW never came out you wouldnt hear half the hate.

I'm not gonna praise a film for taking a piss on a character I read about every week. The Mandarin in IM3 didn't bother me, cause I don't care about that character or think he's important in the grnad scheme of things. Never did. Rogue in X-Men bothered me because I've read stories with her since I was 5, and I know she's capable of being a stronger character. Depends on what someone finds imprortant/knows.

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