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Default Re: The 'The Wolverine' Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I am talking about those who post on front page and oother boards.I hear all the time all X-Men are crap,and Bryan Singer ruined X-Men.

Next people will start bashing X-Men,X2,and first Class because they got better reviews than Man of steel.According to some man of steel was brillent and any who disagrees Is crap

Other films not X-Men make plenty of changes or reimagens them but they get no flak and others go around on here and other places prasing them

If your going to go around bashing X-Men films you have to start going same treatment to other films which few are doing
No one's bringing any of that up in here but you.

It seems to me that just about everyone who's posted in this thread is interested in seeing this movie, hopes it's good, and that it does well if it is.

They're allowed to like or dislike whatever they want, for whatever reason they want, without be labelled into any group.

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