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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - P

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
^agreed, and the one minor nitpick i had with avengers was constantly calling him a "demi-god", or anything but "The God of Thunder".

C'mon Marvel, embrace it, he's a GOD, not a prince, not an alien, a GOD
screw the butt-hurt religious zealot types who'd get offended
I don't see how they're really avoiding it, considering they used "God of Thunder" in the posters for the first film. The audience knows he's a god since we know his backstory in the film. The MCU characters meeting him for the first time would likely have a strong disbelief in that being true. You see CA and Stark have that disbelief in him being godly, but after seeing him in action again in NYC, I'm sure they and the rest of the MCU are likely to believe what he says.

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