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Default Re: About MJ and the men...

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post

Sexual intimacy is absent in the Raimi films; all of the intimacy that is present is in chronemics (time) and proximics (space.) Hence, if we examine the films with this criteria, we see that Peter is a very homosocial figure. While he does not engage in sex with other men, he spends ample time with them, especially the ones who possess sexually appealing bodies (cough, cough, Harry.) If anything, it is peculiar that he spends more time with men, whether it is Osborn, Ock, Harry, or JJJ, than he does with women. The screentime he has with the males figures definitely reinforces this; hence, Peter is a very strange figure.
You didn't type this with a straight face, did you? Because Peter simply from the dialogue doesn't spend anymore time with the male figures he's acquainted with than MJ. In fact it's very clearly explained that at most points MJ is the only one Peter devotes his free time to. Aside from Aunt May- unless you want to present an incest innuendo as well.

Sexual intimacy is absent (although not really, how many thought the upside kiss was the hottest ever on film?) because he knows these are movies that people will be taking their children to see. And perhaps being a father himself, doesn't feel the need to have Peter screwing MJ and whomever else may wander into his web.

In Spidey 2, Harry also says he hasn't seen much of Peter: "Taking Pictures of Spider-Man?" And JJJ and Ock? REALLY? He meets with Ock all of one time before the accident. JJJ? He's his BOSS. It would require that they spend some time together to get assignments and you know, get paid. Why didn't you lump Robbie in there? Although there are also the relationships Peter has with Betty (She's very clearly attracted to him), Ursula and Gwen. So why would you focus on a possible gay theme rather than Peter being a womanizer? Women are certainly his focus as he's strutting down the street in 3. Maybe he actually did take a few of them up on their requests for Spidey to carry them off.

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