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Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
So its some epic BS that Ellie and everyone else can bump into things talk and run into the clickers without them noticing, but if I step on a piece of lint all hell breaks loose.
I had posted this a while back regarding the same thing.
Originally Posted by Hotwire View Post
The only way to really fix it would be to make the NPCs at least a little playable. It would also make the game insanely difficult if you had to keep track of three people in stealth mode. It's hard enough just to keep Joel from getting spotted.
Originally Posted by Hotwire View Post
See, Naughty Dog basically turned an escort mission into a game without making it play like one long escort mission. By having the NPCs get caught by the AI, you make the game a 20 hour escort mission with all of the headaches that come with them. And most of us hate escort missions.

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