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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 2

Ok, so pretty much I filled in the gaps of the cast picture Bryan Singer tweeted months ago of what I think which characters/actors would take place in the film. With the confirmation of Quicksilver, Sunspot, the guy that looks like Cyclops/but might be the younger Stryker, and Lucas Till spotted on set: I think it's safe to say that they will fill in the first four gaps.

Out of those four, I feel like Quicksilver would be the most important one, which is why I put him between Peter Dinklage's character and Storm. Then there is the new guy and Adam Canto, the new guy has been reported to have a good role in 70's, so I guess that makes him more important than Sunspot, who will be in the future probably just to destroy sentinels and have little to no dialogue. Then there is Lucas Till who was spotted on set, (yes maybe he was there to visit . . . or maybe he filmed a little scene that involved Erik attacking Paris) who knows, but my guts is telling me that he will be in the movie, which is why I put him in the fourth gap behind BingBing.

Next, with the recent Famke Janssen return/stunt double news, it's crystal clear for me that Jean will be back. How? Why? I don't even care, I'm one of those few people that like Jean and can't even express how happy I am for her to be back.

Moving on to Cyclops, there is no evidence of James coming back to the film besides that fact that he was spotted on the same plane with Halle Berry. But come on, this will be the most epic X-Men movie of all time and we're not getting Cyclops? Logan, Storm, Charles, and Rogue are back, EVEN JEAN IS BACK. In an X-Men movie, if there is a Jean there has to be a Cyclops. If Bryan is willing to "fix" the problems The Last Stand made, and is also willing to bring back Xavier back from the dead/twin brother/able to walk I'm pretty sure bringing back Cyclops will not be an issue for him or for the fans. And come on guys, just admit it, you would love to see James Marsden back as Cyclops. Who cares if it's just a cameo, it can't be worse than the few scenes he had in The Last Stand. I believe that the last two gaps of the cast picture will have to go to Scott and Jean.

Lastly, yes it is a HUGE cast (21 confirm actors, not including Nixon and hopefully will get James Marsden back as Cyclops) but no worries, Singer knows what he is doing, and come on it CAN'T be worse than Last Stand. All I have to say is that this movie better be 2 hours and 30 minutes OR longer, or else I will get a little bit worried lol. And with two different times sets it’s like two movies in one, which should give a good balance to all the actors.

With Wolverine going back in time, that gives the perfect opportunity for the future cast to shine without him and if we get back Cyclops, well, that would be AMAZING. I mentioned in another post that maybe before Logan stops Magneto he makes another time change that affects the future at the same time as we are watching the movie. In the middle of the movie we can have a scene in the future where most of the x-men are dead or defeated and right when we think it’s over for the x-men, Logan in the past makes a change causing Scott and Jean's death to never happen, and BOOM Scott and Jean appear in the future to help the few x-men members fight against the sentinels. Just a thought, but to have Scott as a leader and Jean, Storm and whoever is still alive (hopefully Rogue) fight sentinels with NO WOLVERINE, that my friends is something I am willing to see.

We have Bryan Singer and most of the crew back from the original X-Men movies, we have a phenomenal outstanding cast, we're finally getting Sentinels! I personally (this is just me, not speaking for others) but I believe that this movie will not fail. I watched the first movie back in 2000 when I was 7 years old and fell in love with it and when The Last Stand came out I was sad to think that there wouldn't be any more X-men movies, and now 7 years later we're getting the 7th X-Men movie WITH the original cast, to me it's like Christmas morning.

Sorry guys, I made this post waaaaaaay longer than I thought. I was just planning to post the picture and explain briefly why the actors are there to fill in the gaps but once I started typing . . . well I couldn't stop and got carried away. PLEASE share thoughts or comments I would love to read what you guys think (: Hopefully you guys like my picture.

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