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Default Re: Do you think this movie is going to be too big?

I voted no.
But to be honest it could go either way. I think they're aiming big and I'm hoping it all works out.

We still don't know exactly who/what all the characters will fight in the past. As others have said Cyclops will probably be back somehow, and the future scenes will probably be mostly action against Sentinals, but I have a feeling that Magneto/the Brotherhood isn't actually the villain that changes the past. Lots of the story is said to take place in the past, so even if it is Magneto who fights all the past characters it can't be as simple as changing his mind about things.
He wouldn't wanna see the apocalyptic future... Mutants in concentration camps.

i think all the characters can be balanced, but I'm convinced Trask/trask industries must have something up their sleeve. and something else is up. I think young Magneto and future Magneto are both allies, in the sense that they're both against the idea of Sentinals that are designed to hunt down mutants. Magneto might even put his brotherhood on hold in the past (Angel and Riptide aren't there), and if he's able to get the message from his future self not to let to Sentinals come about, it could change things entirely as soon as the time traveler get to the past... Forcing young Magneto to temporarily team up with Xavier again to stop the Sentinals from ever being created.
i don't think Magneto would have any hand in letting that future with mutant concentration camps come about.... And that Young Magneto actually becomes an ally again, temporarily, after Xavier's mind is able to change his mind with a vision of this future... learning the future of mutants, being placed in concentration camps (bringing back memories of his childhood), shakes Magneto to the core. And Sentinals must be stopped at any cost. Even if it means teaming with Xavier again, a human lover. Magneto is able to see that sentinals will turn against humans in the future as well. Even though the humans create Sentinals, he must team with Xavier to stop the sentinals from ever being able to take over everything.

Meaning that someone else has changed time, and that someone is connected to Trask or is Trask himself, or posing as Trask... or working with Trask somehow.
And maybe Magneto wants to actually preserve and change parts of the timeline at the same time... He can start his brotherhood again after the Sentinals are stopped from coming about. And I think Trask has something, or someone up his sleeve.

Magneto might not be able to take all the past characters on alone and we haven't heard much about villains other than Mystique, who has and may help Xavier again, young Mystique would have a connection with young Xavier.
Trask may not be able to take on all the past characters alone unless he has something up his sleeve.
All the characters could be balanced but imo it all depends, and the quality of some of the past parts, depends on what they're hiding about Dinklage's character/Trask's story. And revolves around Trask industries. More than Magneto.
If Xavier or any timetraveler can convince Magneto sentinals are a bad idea, he may join their side in the past.
He may already be leading the charge against the Sentinals in the future.

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