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Default Re: Kryptonian Physiology in Man of Steel

Originally Posted by br0adband View Post
Did you miss the part where the Kryptonian girl punched the hole in the wall of the escape pod? Her helm was active so she was protected from the "Earth atmosphere" that existed inside the Black Zero and she was inside the ship inside her armor as well but still has the super strength as well as the invulnerability... a lot of people miss that punch and it's a direct throwback/tie-in with a panel in the prequel comic where Dev-Em punches his fist into a wall and is completely surprised when it happens because he doesn't realize his strength is now much greater.
Its really unclear if the strength thats demonstrated above and when they look for Kals pod whether this is due to powers or the suits.
If you watch the movie when they first take Kal and Lois there are no signs of powers (was no need)
when they look for Kals pod.. suddenly Faora jumps, lands through the barn and rips open the pod, throws Martha etc
now this could be their powers due to the sun (although they are in suits)
but they show NO surprise, amazement at their strength, no adjusting.. its just handled as fact. as normal (almost like we are missing a scene)
Is it developing powers? or could it be due the suits?

Also on the ship when the escape pod punch happens.. lois has a mini struggle with one AND FIGHTS HER OFF!!!!

Its REALLY inconstant

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