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Default Re: The villain(s) of IM4 thread

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Yet the Shadow movie in the 90's pretty much pulled it off with their villain in that movie and it offended like 0% of the movie going audience. I don't get where all this trepidation is coming from on Marvel's part. The Mandarin even in their own comics left all that yellow peril nonsense behind in the 60's. Do they somehow think that showing an Asian/Chinese character AS actually that kind of character culturally is somehow offensive? I'd be more apt to find that attitude offensive, frankly. Cultural differences exist. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that fact.
I'd be interested to see how much of The Shadow was co-produced or co-financed by China, or marketed to Chinese audiences. It did make $16M overseas, but there is no information on the country breakdown.

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