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Default Re: Kryptonian Physiology in Man of Steel

Originally Posted by J.Drangal View Post
Maybe I'm wrong about the Black Zero, maybe Kryptonians are already powerfull on the ship because of the sun...
Yes. In addition to whatever advantages their armor provides (“Iron Man” type strength?), Zod and co. are gradually accumulating powers thanks to Earth’s yellow star. And those nascent powers don’t just disappear aboard the Black Zero (with its Kryptonian atmosphere). But because he’s no longer acclimatized to it, the Kryptonian atmosphere acts as a poison to Superman (very much like kryptonite). So this explains the asymmetry: Earth is “home field advantage” for Kal-El, Black Zero is “home field advantage” for Zod.

Quote: theory about the atmosphere being just a parasite is still good =P

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