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Default Re: Disney Buys Rights to Marvel Movies From Viacom’s Paramount

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Disney does have a tendency to change the logos on their films. Nightmare Before Christmas was originally a part of Disney's Touchstone label and has since switched over to the Disney label. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney decided to insert their own label or just simply get rid of the Paramount label and just kept the Marvel label (the way they have with the Thor 2 trailer).
I agree that they almost certainly will slap the Disney AND Marvel label on these films from this point forward. FYI though the reason why there is no Paramount logo on Thor 2 is because the deal with Paramount is over starting with that film. The deal(which was later somewhat revised) went through IM3. The revision saw the last two films distributed by Disney but credit needed to be given to Paramount as well. With Thor 2 that is no longer the case.

However Disney will probably erase all traces of Paramount and Universal's role in the MCU entirely.


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