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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
Lucky bastard . If i win any gold on the wheel i might try and get 10 more, but we'll see. Do let us know how u like Constrictor
Even after spending that gold, I'm still at the 64 gold I started with when the Constrictor lockboxes came out. Big gets were 3 roulette spins of 10 gold (2 in PVP and 1 in SO.) Plus, I got 3 from 4-starring the SO missions, 2 collections of free gold from PD's forums, and 1 gold from one of the SO tasks.

As for Constrictor, I have him up to level 4 only so I'm trying to get a hang of him. Like how he uses random consumables on himself and you can still have a turn. Trying to find the best spot to level him up at. Chapter 4.4 is looking like the best spot but I may still move somewhere else. At this point, farming for CP is not even necessary since I have more than enough to buy anyone that gets released and not even feel a CP crunch.

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