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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by SterlingDee View Post
She'll probably have to do 2 full days of the press junket so it's not like a casual invitation. It's not something an actor like Famke would just jump at the chance of doing.

But also you're ignoring that the previous X-men cameos (Prof X in Wolverine Origins and Wolverine in First Class) were uncredited. Famke's appearance will be credited and she is part of the promotion of the film. So, I am expecting more from Jean than just that one dream sequence.
The fact that they reused a picture from X3 for her character poster in The Wolverine hints that this might be a last minute decision. And Famke did say that she wants to book more jobs/gigs as possible because she needs money and she needs to work. Of course she's not gonna turn down if FOX invites her to the movie premiere/press screenings even if she only has 1 to 3 scenes in the movie.

Originally Posted by Joaqenix View Post
What the two above me said. And acting like Famke and/or Jean Grey is super recognizable anymore is absurd. The Last Stand came out 7 years ago which may as well be 50 in pop culture.
Well it still helps to have a more recognizable character in this movie.

People who have seen the X-Men original trilogy might watch the movie because it has Jean Grey. They are showing her in the trailers and TV spots and now she has her own poster. Mainstream viewers are not gonna watch this movie because they remember seeing Yukio, Viper and all those characters (except for Wolverine) in the previous movies.

I'm pretty sure she won't have a lot of scenes in the movie. At maximum, she'll have 5 to 7 scenes.

Anyway, in 4 weeks we'll know how big her role is and we'll know who's right.

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