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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by the5timechamp View Post
In regards to the death of the Waynes.. I think it was well done in Bats '89 but used in a superior manner in Batman Begins. I don't have issue with Joker killing the Waynes because I accept certain things in service of the story (I dont accept ice skates in batmans boots but thats another argument)

I like the execution in Batman Begins not because the scene is "better" but because the film actually builds to the moment the tragedy happens. The falling in the well and having Thomas Wayne pull him out is good in service of the story, but what really sells it is the shot of Thomas carrying Bruce in with Alfred at the base of the stairs and his mother coming down to check on him...something about the framing just sells the cohesion and "love" in the household. By the time Bruce is in the theater begging to leave I can feel the dread for the inevitable tragedy that has to happen. It nails the landing too, cause when Bruce breaks down to Alfred with the "Its all my fault Alfred, if I hadn't gotten scared" gets me...every time.
I'd have appreciated more the building up hadn't Thomas Wayne played the same key over and over. He cannot be anything but comprehensive and calm and displaying wisdom all around. Not even when he was dying could he display any different emotion or be anything different than calm and wise. He even built a monorail for Gotham. The movie was screaming that a tragedy couldn't be any more tragic if it happened to anyone but Thomas Wayne. The man couldn't even give his wife a birthday gift without asking his beloved son first.

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