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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Lex should be the manipulator and there should be areal physical threat as well. If lex is the main Superman always seems like a stupid bully and the action is just lifting stuff. Even if its anti superman battle suits for him men, there needs to e a real physical threat.

I could see another alien threat really cementing lex's problems with Superman. I would be happy with Mongul or Brainiac, Ultra Humanite might be fun but tougher to do. Maybe some of the Apokolips crowd helping out some bad guys with alien tech and a powerful enforcer like Mantis or Kalibak to deal with. I agree save Darkseid , give him a build up.

Instead of kryptonite powered maybe Metallo could be created by Lex with Kryptonian tech and just be know.. that tough.

Doomsday might work if they used the TAS approach and gave him some personality but he's one of my last choices.

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