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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Ant-manic View Post
you're not getting me. of course they can take shooting arrows without looking. there's nothing science fiction-y about a bow and arrow. a marksman's skill doesn't need explanation unless the projectiles are defying the laws of gravity; like in Wanted.

super-soldier serum is an explanation. they spent a good chunk of the movie introducing it. why? because they couldn't just have Steve walk into a room and out with powers. they even set it up in the incredible hulk movie.

and Thor didn't just pop out of nowhere. they introduced his realm. they explained that he's a "god." that's why he can do what he does.
Okay, you obviously care about power origins far more than I do. Are you suggesting that movies should spend precious screentime explaining how every characters' powers came about? The Incredibles must have killed you.

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