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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 2

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
I think if Famke was in the films she would probably be uncredited to keep it as a secret. I don't see Famke getting higher billing then Halle (if that is supposed to be billing order) 1) regardless of Famke's successful films which would have been successful with or without her Halle is still more famous than her and is a bigger draw than she is. 2) Halle has always been billed higher than Famke in every X-Men movie even the first where Storm's role was the smallest and Halle was not as famous. I still think that there is an extra character that Singer is keeping to himself played by an actor that could actually be billed higher than her.

The only other slightest chance that Famke would get higher billing was if she was in the film more than Storm was, and that isn't even a guarantee as X1 and X2 demonstrates. I also doubt Famke will be in the film for longer than Halle. I don't see how she would fit into the story apart from being a cameo at the end in an altered future.
I know, I just think Famke fits better than Evan Peters (even if it's not credit order, it would be odd to put Peters in front of Berry). Halle received higher billing than Famke in the first two films because the ensemble is alphabetical listing (and then obviously Halle renegotiated for X3 top billing). Maybe there is some other star out there that is coming on board. Or maybe Bryan pulled some strings and got Famke higher billing because he likes her way more than Halle lol. I'm still not convinced that Famke's even in the movie!

Famke has had one of her biggest years ever though - $600 million combined gross of Taken 2 and Hansel and Gretel and top lining a hit tv show. She is also being promoted as one of the stars of the Wolverine and will be doing press/promotion and premieres for that film. That gives her some visibility in the industry (but yeah, the billing before Berry would still be a stretch).

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