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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 3

Originally Posted by 113 View Post
Thanks for responding though. Man I just wish Gamestop had some real competition. Once GameCrazy went bankrupt (remember them) there is basically no brick & mortar that force Gamestop to remain at least a bit honest. Le sigh, eBay it is.

Anyway, to go back on topic, which games are you most looking forward to playing on Xbox One - exclusives and non-exclusives.
I'm getting Ryse and Kinect Sports day one. Gonna get Watch Dogs as soon as I beat Ryse. Really looking forward to D4, TitanFall and Quantum Break as far as exclusives go. Will get MGS5, KH3 and The Crew when they release. I'll wait and see when it comes to Witcher 3, DR3 and Mirrors Edge.

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